Projection Mapping, 3d Motion Tracking, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for Live Events


We are experienced performers, directors, game designers and builders. We apply new technology to live and immersive experience maximize emotional response. We apply this technology We’ve been doing performance in digital domains for over a decade each. We have experience building and working with low-level APIs of new hardware, in a research and industrial setting.

Raktor is an art collective that does live interactive theatre experience with new technology. We believe the future of virtual reality isn’t just video games or film, but for enabling live interactive performance – we blur the line between audience member and performer.


Jasper de Tarr

Jasper de Tarr

Jasper de Tarr has co-produced events combining performance and technology which include: Augmented World Expo (‘11 + ‘14), Bay Area Projection Mapping Festival, with Kinetech DANCE:HACK (‘14 and ‘15, 3d sensor performance), and the CODAME Virtual Reality festival with Mozilla in it’s annual Art+Tech series.

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Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman has built several low- and high-level technologies for immersive experiences. His doctoral work was Improv Remix - a Kinect interface for improv performers to create video mashups on the fly. At Microsoft Research, he did interaction design for Kinect Fusion. Most recently, he worked at Occipital on the scripting system and components of their Bridge Mixed Reality platform.

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Upcoming Shows

Eccentricon at San Francisco Fringe

360 Trailer (View it in YouTube on your phone!):

Eccentricon at San Francisco Fringe

Eccentricon is the first Fringe Show taking place in Virtual Reality, simultaneously on-stage and in a live CGI environment; half improv storymaking, half video game — between The Matrix and mythic tropes of long past. Audience volunteers will become virtual characters in an interactive fantasy world. Produced by Raktor, an art collective for participatory theatrical technology.

TUE SEPT 13 7:00 PM Eccentricon EXIT Theatre
THU SEPT 15 8:30 PM Eccentricon EXIT Theatre
SUN SEPT 18 2:30 PM Eccentricon EXIT Theatre
FRI SEPT 23 7:00 PM Eccentricon EXIT Theatre

Tickets available here:

Fringe Website info here:
Press Release (pdf)

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